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Hello, Seems to have a complete 1907-21 edition of this work. The original text is PD, however Bartleby has some sort of copyright note on their website, I don't know much about that, someone should check it. If it's ok afterwards, it's a matter of copy and paste, a lot of it.

Thanks, Omar 18:28, 28 July 2006 (UTC)

Yeah, they claim that it's copyrighted, but I don't see how that's possible if they're just posting PD content. The Cambridge History of American Literature is much farther along, with several people copying from that same site. So presumably it's ok, but I'm no expert on the subject. --Spangineerwp (háblame) 19:57, 28 July 2006 (UTC)
I see that, ugly TOC, lol. I think someone should coordinate the same for The Cambridge History of English Literature. I would contribute, perhaps, one person per volume? Omar 20:12, 28 July 2006 (UTC)
I think I'm going to work on CHAL first and get that up to speed, and then start over here. Not sure how long it will take, but if we keep adding things slowly and steadily we'll get there eventually. --Spangineerwp (háblame) 20:16, 28 July 2006 (UTC)

I have added a sample Index of Capters so that we know the scope of this project.

Omar 19:57, 28 July 2006 (UTC)

Omar: The text itself is by definition in the public domain. Bartleby can claim no copyright on the text itself. They can claim a copyright on how it's presented (layout, any additions they made to it, and so on), but that isn't an issue for us, as we aren't using their method of division of chapters or using their layout, so I don't foresee any problems. Many sites add these "copyright" notices to their work, but there is no legal precedent for them to claim a copyright hold on something which cannot legally be copyrighted.—Zhaladshar (Talk) 20:46, 28 July 2006 (UTC)