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This template flags works which require formatting to make them suitable for export as an e-reader format (E.g. EPUB or MOBI). Depending on the issue, the work may still be marked for export, with this template being left in place as a reminder to check again in future when a technical task is completed.

See Help:Preparing for export for more guidance on how to make works ready for export.

You can add a comment with the comment parameter. If you are aware of specific reasons the work is not suitable for export, you should use this parameter so that others know what needs to be done:


{{Export formatting needed|comment=Uses wide fixed-width sections.}}

There are some preset reasons you can use:


{{Export formatting needed|reason=dotted|comment=More comments.}}


Works with this template are placed into Works needing export formatting (2) or subcategories thereof based on the reason;

See alsoEdit

  • Completeness
    • {{Incomplete}} marks a work as incomplete. It generally means that some parts of the work are not available on Wikisource in any form, either as text content or page scans. If possible, use a more specific template like those below.
    • {{No header}} - where the header information missing
    • {{Translation}} for rating the progress of a Wikisource translation
  • Sourcing
    • {{No source}} the source is unknown and should be identified
    • {{Fidelity}} - used where the text integrity is dubious
    • {{Second-hand}} or {{Project Gutenberg}} when the work comes from a second-hand source (and should preferably be scan-backed instead)
  • When there are errors:
    • {{Clean up djvu}} when the work has OCR errors or hasn't been proofread, and does have a page scan
    • {{OCR-errors}} when the work contains OCR errors and/or page breaks and does not have a page scan.
    • {{Transcluded OCR errors}} when the work contains OCR errors from a transcluded page scan.
  • Issues with the structure of a work
    • {{Split}} when the work needs to be split up into sections or chapters.
    • {{Split-multiple}} when a page such as a collection of snippets needs to be split into various different works.
    • {{Move to subpage}} when a work should be a subpage of another work
    • {{Numbers}} when the work contains page breaks from the original work, but not other OCR errors.
    • {{Refs}} when the work has references in the text which should be converted to the Wiki ref format
    • {{Standardise}} when the work is complete, but doesn't conform with the style guidelines
  • When work should be scan-backed:
    • {{Migrate to}} when the work is ostensibly complete, but needs to be migrated to an existing page scan of the same edition. If the scans aren't at Wikisource yet, or the edition is different, use {{scans available}}.
    • {{Scans available}} - when scans are available, but do not have an index page yet. Use {{migrate to}} if the scans exist at Wikisource, and the edition is the same
  • Export issues

Indicate that a work needs to have formatting adjusted before it can be marked at "Ready for export". Use on the talk page of the work.

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Template parameters

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Pre-set reasons that can be selected

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dotted sections

General comment about export formatting that needs to be done or checked.

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