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Note: All users are encouraged to utilise Wikisource's HelpDesk, or you may find assistance by looking at Help:Contents.

Note to helpers: once you have offered help, please remove this template or replace it with {{tlf|helpme}}.

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This is the {{help me}} message box. Pages using this template will be added to Category:Users looking for help.

If you need help, you can place this template on any talk page, preferably your own user talk page, and write your question below it. Then our helpers will be notified.

Here is an example of what you might put on your talk page—a brief heading, then the template, and then your question:

==How does X work?==
{{Help me}}
Your question.

The four tildes "~~~~" will automatically add your signature, which is your username and a timestamp. This helps users follow conversations with more ease.

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