This work is a posthumous work and may be copyrighted in certain countries and areas where the copyright terms of posthumous works are based on time since posthumous publication.

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This template must be accompanied by a tag indicating copyright status in the United States.
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This template categorises Author namespace pages into Category:Author-PD-posthumous and all other pages into Category:PD-posthumous.


Usage: {{PD-posthumous|year when a work was posthumously published}}

This tag serves countries and areas copyrighting posthumous works based on how many years after posthumous publication to copyright. As it does not readily specify the copyright license in the USA where Wikisource server is hosted, please also use a tag to indicate the copyright license in the USA, such as {{PD/US}}, {{Pd/1996}}, {{PD-US-no-notice}}, {{PD-US-no-notice-post-1977}}, {{PD-US-no-renewal}}, or {{PD-old-US}}. All of these six tags allow the author's year of death to be entered, so the copyright status in many countries and areas based on how many years after author's death to copyright is given, if they have no special posthumous copyright terms. Do not use this tag alone.