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This template creates the basic features of a year-based portal. Once created, such a portal will automatically keep itself up to date.

It uses Dynamic Page Lists as created for the Wikinews project, in a format based on Wikinews-style portals (eg. Portal:Aviation on Wikinews).


{{Portal by year}}


  1. Start a new portal
  2. Copy the text template into the new portal
  3. Save the page

Important notes

  • Any portal using this template must only use the year in the title, (ie. Portal:1922 or Portal:1588). The template uses the page name as the basis for the dynamic page lists.
  • Do not transclude this page; it should be used as described under procedure.


It is likely that the standard set of categories within this template is inappropriate for a specific year. Therefore, after the page has been saved (as described under Procedure) it can be altered to fit the specific requirements of a specific year. It may also be useful, for aesthetic reasons, to move some sections around (which can be done by cut-and-paste) or change their length.

A sample of a section will look like this:

=== [[:Category:Poems|Poems]] ===
category={{PAGENAME}} works

To adapt this to another use:

  1. category=Poems and the heading [[:Category:Poems|Poems]] should be changed to a new category.
  2. If necessary, category={{PAGENAME}} works can be changed, replacing {{PAGENAME}} with the appropriate year.
  3. If the year is featured in the main category, the category={{PAGENAME}} works line can be removed altogether.

For example, to specify the category as Modern Poetry:

=== [[:Category:Modern poetry|Modern poetry]] ===
category=Modern poetry
category={{PAGENAME}} works

To lengthen the section (provided there are enough works or pages to be listed), change the number in the count=5 line to the maximum number of bullet points desired.

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