This is the top level portal for Class X: Wikisource. This class contains portals that are not categorisable under the standard Library of Congress Classification system.

Subclass XA: WikiProjects

WikiProject Council logo

WikiProjects are collections of pages devoted to co-ordinating long-term tasks on Wikisource. All WikiProjects have process pages, some have associated portals as well.

Child portals: Influential BooksSalvation of Israel Project

Subclass XE: Era

Photograph of Latin inscription

Eras are arbitrary but well defined long periods of time. Wikisource holds texts from the Ancient era to the Modern era, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and oration.

Child portals: Ancient and Classical textsMedieval textsModern texts

Subclass XP: Processes

Photograph of cogs in a clock

Processes are the internal functions and procedures that make Wikisource work. Portals in this subclass can be an overview of a process itself, highlight some aspect of a process or otherwise focus on some element of Wikisource's workings.

Child portals: Featured textsProofreading milestonesTop 100 authors

Subclass XY: Years

Montage of seasons

Years are used to codify and arrange authors and their works. These special portals show the latest additions to Wikisource for a specific year along with automated selections from certain categories of works.

Child portals: 188018931903190419061912191619201922192319342001