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The American Cyclopædia (1879)/Amalie, Marie Friederike

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AMALIE, Marie Friederike, queen of Greece, born Dec. 21, 1818. She is a daughter of the late grand duke Paul, and half sister of the reigning grand duke Nicholas of Oldenburg, and was married to King Otho of Greece Nov. 22, 1836. She imparted a high tone to the court circles of Athens, and was much respected in Greece on account of her firmness, her benevolence, and her varied accomplishments, In 1856 she acted as regent during the foreign occupation of Athens. A Greek student made an attempt to shoot her in 1861. On Oct. 24, 1862, after the deposition of her husband, she went with him to Bavaria, and since his death (July 26, 1867) has resided at Bamberg. Her sister married in 1855 Maximilian de Washington, a Bavarian baron, a descendant of the English Washington family, resident in Styria.