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Issues (not listed in original)


Amazonian Picnic, An Mrs. Agassiz 313
Bad Symptoms Edward Spenser 768
Beauty and the Beast Bayard Taylor 13
Booth, Edwin E. C. Stedman 585
Chimney-Corner for 1866, The. I., II., III., IV., V., VI. Mrs. H. B. Stowe 88, 214, 345, 490, 577, 737
Court-Cards Charles J. Sprague 178
Communication with the Pacific C. C. Coffin 333
Doctor Johns. XII., XIII., XIV., XV., XVI., XVII. Donald G. Mitchell 69, 204, 323, 466, 552, 707
English Opinion on the American War W. M. Rossetti 129
Fenian "Idea," The Frances Power Cobbe 572
Freedman's Story, The, I., II. William Parker 152, 276
Griffith Gaunt: or, Jealousy. II., III., IV., V., VI., VII. Charles Reade 100, 221, 365, 507, 596, 751,
Gypsies, The Origin of the G. W. Hosmer 167
Harmonists, The Author of "Life in the Iron-Mills" 529
High Tide of December, The """" 47
In the Hemlocks John Burroughs 672
Kingdom Coming, The Gail Hamilton 81
Landscape Painter, A Henry W. James 182
Late Insurrection in Jamaica, The G. Reynolds 480
Last Days of Walter Savage Landor. I., II., III. Kate Field 385, 540, 684
Lucy's Letters Anne M. Brewster 64
Madam Waldoborough's Carriage J. T. Trowbridge 407
Mephistophelean Charles J. Sprague 632
Monuments, Question of W. D. Howells 646
Nantucket F. Sheldon 296
Passages from Hawthorne's Note-Books. I., II., III., IV., V., VI. 1, 170, 257, 422, 565, 725
Pioneer Editor, A 743
Poor Chloe Mrs. L. M. Child 352
President and Congress, The E. P. Whipple 500
Quicksands Mrs. C. A. Hopkinson 657
Ramble through the Market, A B. W. Ball 268
Reconstructionists, Three Months among the Sidney Andrews 237
Sainte-Beuve John Foster Kirk 432
Snow-Walkers, The John Burroughs 302
Struggle for Shelter, A Caroline P. Hawes 456
Tied to a Rope Charles J. Sprague 721
Were they Crickets? 397
What will it cost us? E. H. Derby 621
Wilderness, The J. T. Trowbridge 39
Abraham Davenport John G. Whittier 539
Among the Laurels Mrs. Akers 594
Bells of Lynn, The H. W. Longfellow 47
Castles in the Air W. C. Bryant 11
Dead Ship of Harpswell, The John G. Whittier 705
De Spiridione Episcopo C. G. Leland 454
Giotto's Tower H. W. Longfellow 724
In the Sea Hiram Rich 344
Killed at the Ford H. W. Longfellow 479
Mountain, The E. C. Stedman 734
Mr. Hosea Biglow's Speech in March Meeting James Russell Lowell 635
My Annual O. W. Holmes 395
Old Man's Idyl, An Richard Realf 266
Riviera di Ponente J. F. Clarke 202
Snow T. B. Aldrich 364
To Hersa 311
To-morrow H. W. Longfellow 552
Two Pictures John G. Whittier 149
Wind the Clock Hiram Rich 80
Reviews and Literary Notices.
Andrews's South since the War 778
A Noble Life 650
Bigelow's Address on the Limits of Education 251
Bowles's Across the Continent 524
Brownson's American Republic 523
Clark's Mind in Nature 649
Croquet, Manuals of 772
Doolittle's Social Life of the Chinese 779
Foote's War of the Rebellion 653
Hans Brinker, or The Silver Skates 779
Herman; or, Young Knighthood 246
Hittell's Resources of California 522
Holcombe's Literature in Letters 650
Jean Ingelow's Songs of Seven 122
Lecky's Rise and Influence of the Spirit of Rationalism in Europe 248
Life and Letters of Frederick W. Robertson 119
Life of Michael Angelo 124
Life and Times of Sir Joshua Reynolds 525
McGilchrist's Richard Cobden 253
Meta Lander's Esperance 525
Perry's Human Hair 255
Piatt's Poems 653
Savage's History of the Boston Watch and Police 122
Sarmiento's Vida de Abran Lincoln 252
Smiles's Lives of Boulton and Watt 384
Taylor's Story of Kennett 775
Towle's History of Henry the Fifth 651
Tuckerman's Criterion 651
White's Poetry of the Civil War 774
Whittier's Snow-Bound 383
Winifred Bertram 384
Works of Edmund Burke, The 122
Recent American Publications 125, 256, 655