The Child's Own Music Book/See-Saw, Margery Daw

For other versions of this work, see See-Saw, Margery Daw.


\new PianoStaff << \relative c''
\new Staff << { \time 6/8 \key g \major \tempo "Allegretto" \dynamicUp
<g b,>4.\mf <d a> | <g d b>8 g g <d c>4. | <g d b>4 g8 <g e b>\< g g\! | <b fis dis>4.\> <a fis c>\! | <g d b>4 g8 <d c>8 d d | <g cis,> g g d4 d8 | <b' gis d>\< b b\! <d a e>\(\> c a\!\) | <fis c>4.\( <g b>8\) r r \bar "|."
\addlyrics {See -- saw, Mar -- ge -- ry Daw, Jack shall have a new mas -- ter, He shall have but a pen -- ny a day, Be -- cause he won't work a -- ny fast -- er.
} >>
\new Staff { \clef bass \key g \major
<g g,>4. fis | <g g,> fis | <g g,> <e e,> | b, <d! d,!> | <g g,> <fis a,> | <g ais,> <g b,> | e c | d (<g g,>8) r r