The Convent School/Chapter 3


Chapter III.

Lucille's Marriage and Adventures

It was about 3 a.m. one fine morning when I escaped from the Ursuline Convent; and made my way to the Hotel d'Angleterre, the porter in answer to my summons was about to refuse to give me refuge, when a young Englishman, who was just taking his candle in the hall, said, "he'd be damned if I should not be taken care of," and ordered the chambermaid to be called to attend on me, and added that he would be responsible for all expenses. "Certainly, my lord," said the porter of the hotel, but he added sotto voce, "I think he's a fool to be so easily imposed upon."

I was too glad to have found a protector, (especially when I found he was an aristocrat), so I quietly followed the femme de chambre, and was content to await awhile for the denouement of my adventure.

Breakfast was brought to me about eleven o'clock, and also a message to say that Lord Dunwich, would do himself the pleasure of waiting upon me in an hour's time.

You may be sure I was all impatience to see the kind fellow who had stood my friend, and was most agreeably surprised to find his manners quite equal to his appearance when I saw him again.

His Lordship was greatly interested by the account of my escape from the convent, and said he was a very particular friend of my betrothed husband, the Earl of Ellington, and would put me under the protection of a lady going to England, who would see me safe home. He was such a handsome fellow and my gratitude was so gushing that at the moment I could have refused him no thing and was delighted by the way he lingered over a kiss, he would insist upon as his due, my whole soul seemed to leap towards the generous fellow, and tears of disappointment stood in my eyes when he was gone.

I never saw him again till my wedding day, two years later, when he was best man to my husband, and in my eyes looked a thousand times more loveable.

A married couple of sixteen and twenty-eight ought to have been blessed with every happiness, but after the first three days of our honeymoon the Earl's temper seemed so overbearing and imperious, that I began seriously to regret my fate, and looked forward to a life of gilded misery. The Earl was fond of the turf, and often left me alone whilst he spent a fortnight at Newmarket or Doncaster and York.

One day I was agreeably surprised by a call from Lord Dunwich, (we were living in Grosvenor Square at the time), he looked more handsome than ever, and semed so full of sympathy for me in every respect that I could not help falling into tears, and telling him all my fears, and how I was neglected for nasty ugly fourlegged brutes of race-horses, and that in fact I was sure Lord Ellington loved his Derby favourite better than myself, and would rather I broke my neck than his pet should fall lame.

"Ah, Lucille" he said, falling on his knees before me, "how your distress cuts me to the quick, would to God I could comfort you in any way! I have loved you from the first moment we met, although I knew you belonged to a bosom friend, and now the wretch slights you; look up, dear Lucille, from your tears, smile upon one who is devoted to you body and soul!" And then seizing my hand, upon which he imprinted a lot of impassionned kisses, "Ah, you will pardon my presumptuous love, how can I help it?"

I was piqued by the Earl's coldness towards me, and something impelled me to pity the handsome suitor at my feet, so that although the tears were still welting from my eyes, could not help smilling and caressing his head as he looked up to my face.

"Darling Lucille, I may call you so now, you respond to my love, my happiness is too great," he exclaimed, drawing my unresisting body down, so that our lips quickly met in a rapturous kiss of real love.

I was lost, and he so rapidly took advantage of everything, that proceeding from one liberty to another, in less than ten minutes I was an adultress, but what a sweet sin, what transports of love shot through our souls as we melted away again and again in the extasies of mutual enjoyment; how we toyed with each other's most secret charms, and promised to renew our forbidden pleasure at every convenient opportunity.

Alas, for our hapinness, some spy informed the Earl of my sweet liaison, he made an excuse to visit Brussels with me and again I found myself incarcerated in a hateful convent.

The kindness of my husband on our journey from England (which I afterwards found was only a part of his most artful programme), had so imposed upon my rather soft-hearted nature, that I realy felt sorry that I ever been unfaithlul to my marriage vows, although no doubt the image of my loving paramour was firmly imprinted in my heart.

We went to operas, bal masques, saw all the sights, and enjoyed ourselves immensely for a few days and being strict Catholics he one day said jestingly, "I suppose, Lucille, we must go to confession, and get absolution after having enjoyed ourselves, and confess all the delightful sins we have committed; by-the-bye, be sure you do not forget to confess having ridden a St. George on your husband, and allowed him to spend his seed in your hand, or on your pretty bosom, they are most awful sins, and will cost a pretty penny for absolution. I should not be surprised if the Rev. Father undertook to inflict personal chastisement à la Girard et Cadière," he added, laughing.

"But, seriously," I answered, "apart from joking, I know we ought to do it, and will go to that church in the Rue de la Madeleine this very day, I know I am a sinner, but don't like to make a laugh of such serious things."

Then seating myself on his knee, I drew his face to mine, and kissed him lovingly, as I added, "But, dear Francis, you won't leave your little wife so long again, will you, for those horrid horses? You can't imagine how dull and low spirited I get when left all by myself."

"What a pretty pouting little bride you look. Why, Lucille, the way you kiss excites me as if we were still on the honeymoon trip; but dearest," he added, "a sporting man must see his horses tried and run, then, you, know, I shall make up in the winter what you lose in the summer; there's nothing else to do then but to make love. Ha, you sweet little devil, do you want to commit another sin before confession?"

My hand had been gently carressing his prick outside his breeches, till it was now rampant and impatient of the restraining cloth.

"Well," he went on, following my example, by passing a hand up my clothes, and gently tickling my clitoris with his forefinger, "we'll lump it all together, so there won't be any more to pay. My Stars, Lucille, how excitable you are. You're spending on my fingers. It's nothing to blush about, little simpleton."

I got off his lap, and kneeling before him, unbuttoned his flap, and the engine of love seemed to leap into my hand, its fiery head, with the skin turned back, looked so tempting, that I could not resist the temptation to kiss and caress it for a few moments. My tongue played lasciviously round the tender and excitable surface, whilst my hands, were fondling his finely developed balls.

"Darling! Darling!" he ejaculated. "It's coming! Oh! I can't stop—kiss—hiss—suck it. Take it in your mouth, Lucille! Oh! Ah! How delicious! You darling, to think you would give me so much pleasure!"

I was as excited as himself, and sucked and swallowed his delicious spendings to the very last drop, as he pressed my head down with his hands, and gasped out his ejaculations of extasy.

"Now, it's my turn, Sir. I mean to have a St. George, as you lie on the hearthrug. Come, down with you at once, or I will bite it off," making him feel my teeth, as I playfully took it again in my mouth.

We had a delightful bout on the hearthrug, and I rode him till he spent into my excited cunt a third time. Keeping his cock stiff, and starting him again after each spend by the contractions of the folds of my vagina, which he declared gave him the most exquisite and voluptuous sensations, and that he had never experienced anything to equal it in his life many women as he had had in his time.

Presently I told him that as soon as I could get dressed I would go to confession.

"Do love," he replied, "and if the Confessor is reasonable with you, I will go myself to-morrow, or send for him to wait on me at the hotel."

I left him smoking a cigar, and about an hour-and-a-half afterwards entered the church, where I was immediately accosted by an elderly priest. "If the English lady wishes to confess, the Father Francisco in yonder box is most suitable for Madame. He knows the English ways so well, and was consecrated in England."

I approached the box, which was in a very secluded corner of the sacred building, and kneeling on a hassock, enquired, in a low voice, "If the Rev. Father Francisco was ready to hear my confession?"

"Yes, my daughter, and I pray God you may have nothing but venial sins to confess," was the reply of my unseen Confessor.

In my innocence I related every act of our married life; how excited we were in our love games, and the various attitudes we used to heighten our enjoyment.

"Awfully sensual, my daughter. Your Confessor previous to marriage must have admonished you as to the use of these unnatural postures in following the dictates of nature in your endeavours to obey the first commandment, 'to increase and multiply.' The holy rites of matrimony ought not to be perverted by lascivious ideas and filthy sacrifices to lust. It is a most serious thing my daughter, but before I consider what penance to exact for such sins, tell me, as you value the intercession of our Holy Mother, have you always been faithful to your husband? If only by a look or a gesture, it is important to your salvation hereafter that you should confess it now."

I was silent, dumbfoundered for a moment or two. "Ah! my daughter, conceal nothing. Alas! it is as I feared—conceal nothing from me, or it will be impossible for me to grant you absolution."

Thus pressed, and feeling but a full confession would avail me with the Confessor, I told him everything and especially how sorry I felt at having allowed my pique at the Earl's neglect to have carried me into such a liaison, and that the tender regard he had lately exhibited towards me smote me to the quick for my unfaithfulness, and that that was the reason I had so given way to lasciviousness with him, in order to compensate, by the perfect abandon of my love, for any suspicions he might entertain.

"My daughter, I must consult our Superior. Your's is such a serious case, and I beg that you will go into the vestry, by the door behind this box, and wait a few minutes, till I bring you his decision," said Father Francisco.

I was all of a tremble, my face felt hot with blushes of shame and I longed to hide from observation for a few minutes, so I readily went into the vestry, as he had requested. It was a bare scantily furnished room, with a few chairs, a writing tabic covered with papers, and some priests' frocks and vestments hanging round the walls.

Presently the old priest who had accosted me on my first entering the church, came to conduct me to Father Francisco's room, but instead of that, I found myself in the cell of a convent, with the door locked behind me.

The worst fears assailed my frightened mind; I sank on my knees, calling on God and my husband to release me, crying and stamring in impotent rage by turns; this must have lasted an hour or two. Then a little wicket was opened in the door, and the same old priest told me to calm myself, for Father Francisco and the Superior were praying to the Holy Mother to direct them what penance to impose upon such a sinner, and that I must remain where I was till next day, when, he added, "no doubt you will be restored to your loving husband, as pure in mind and spirit as when you first took your marriage vows."

I was going to implore him to allay the Earl's anxiety on my behalf, but he assured me they had sent to his lordship to say that I was doing penance for some hours in their convent, and quickly closed the guichet, so that I was again left alone.