The Convent School/Chapter 4


Chapter IV.

The Penance

Two nuns supplied me with refreshment, made me up a bed on the floor, and I really had nothing to complain of as to treatment that first night, still, something seemed to assure me that I really was a prisonner, and should not so easily get out of the convent. My hope was, that the Earl would speedily insist upon my speedy release, (little dreaming at the moment that he was the instigator of my detention, and had actually acted as confessor in the assumed name of Father Francisco.)

My anxiety was greatly increased the next day, when hour after hour passed, and still no communication from the Confessor or Superior, the nuns who brought me in breakfast and dinner were silent to all my enquiries or offers of bribes if they would help me get out of the place.

My watch had stopped for want of a key, but about seven o'clock in the evening, as near as I could guess, the old priest opened the door, and beckoned me to follow him. My heart suddenly recovered its courage, and I braced up my nerves to bear the severest penance; we passed along several passages, and at last opening a door, he motioned me to enter. There, sitting before a small table, which had a bible and crucifix upon it, sat a rather young priest, about the same age as my husband, but with a close shaven face and crown (the Earl had heavy whiskers and moustache, I had never seen him otherwise), and he struck me as being very like Francis about the nose and eyes, still, no suspicion that it could really be him came into my mind.

"Daughter Lucille, Lady Ellington," said the seated Confessor, as the other locked the door behind me, "In answer to prayer, the Holy Mother has inspired us to grant you absolution, only after the most severe personal chastisement and humiliations we can possibly inflict upon you. Then, you will return to your confiding loving husband, purified of your adulterous sins, but for all that, he will still, and for the rest of his life, wear the horns of a cuckolded husband, which is his punishment for teaching you such lascivious ideas; it is an awful sin to so abandon yourselves to lust, and your unfaithfulness is the providential punishment he so well deserves."

My face and neck were suffused with the blushes of burning shame, as my eyes fell beneath his ardent gaze, besides something instinctively told me that both Father Francisco and his coadjutor were enjoying the sight of my confusion.

"Now please divest yourself of everything you have on, except corset, chemise and drawers, whilst I prepare this scourger for the chastisement of your wicked sensual flesh, and my brother here will get that rope in order, ready to tie up your hands above your head."

I scarcely knew how I got my dress and skirts off, as my hands trembled so, and the idea of stripping before two men, even if they were priests, was so distressing to my sense of modesty, but, somehow or other, I was soon standing up, with my skirts on the floor, about my heels, and my last under petticoat tucked up under my corset.

Father Francisco confronted me, scourge in hand, and pointing with his finger to my drawers in front, roughly ordered me to open them, and show where I had admitted my lover, when in the act of committing adultery. "Open it, you wicked woman. I must see the seat of lust itself!"

He flourished his scourge so, and gave, me two such terrible cuts round my buttocks, that I was compelled to obey his immodest and shameful order, and the moment I had done so, he produced a pair of scissors and denuded me of nearly all the dark, silky chevelure I took such delight in viewing in the glass, when ever I dressed myself, or just got out of my morning bath.

"I suppose you were so excited and wanton, when Lord Dunwich embraced you, that you shewed him everything, even your nakedness, as the Bible calls it; did you blush then, as you pretend to do now, Lucille?" he asked.

My surprise and indignation almost choked me, so that I was unable to speak, and he gave me a heavy slap with his hand on my bottom, saying, "So you will not answer, and think I am behaving shamefully, do you? It's nothing to what you will have to submit to presently, Lady Ellington; turn round and open your legs, and stoop forward this instant, or I will flog the very life out of you!"

His rude hand was passed under my bottom, between my legs, and as I covered my face with my hands, I could feel his fingers invade every secret spot in turn, even to forcing a digit up the fundamental orifice, which is always so tight and difficult of entrance, saying, as he did so: "Did you let him go there, or has your husband ever sodomised your bum-hole? Ha! Ha! How modest we are now. Speak; say if you ever allowed anyone to put his prick in your arse?"

I cannot recollect all he said or questioned me about, but his words and actions were every moment more and more coarse and obscene, on purpose to add to my humiliation.

"Here, Father Antony," he continued, addressing the old priest, "where is your godemiche? That's the thing to draw all the wantoness out of her lustful body. It is well furnished with good stiff bristles?

Father Anthony.—"It's a new one, same as we always keep in stock to subdue the fleshly lusts of these lascivious female sinners, and never used before, but I must tie her up."

The rope, which hung from a pulley in the ceiling, was tied tightly round my wrists, bringing both hands together; then he pulled it as hard as possible till I could barely touch the floor with my feet, and all my weight was upon my arms and the muscles of my back.

"That's it, exactly," chuckled Francisco. "Now, my dear Lucille, Lady Ellington I ought to say, you will really enjoy the insert of this jolly dildoe up your cunt, and it is full of a delightful injection, with which it will spend in response to your emission of pleasure."

"Ah! No! No! Oh pray don't treat me with such brutality," I screamed, in horror, when I saw the huge red-headed thing, with its shaft springing from a bed of bristles, fixed round the balls so as to prick the cunt at every insertion, besides its length and thickness seemed quite terrible to contemplate. "I am quite content to submit to your penance of scourging and whipping, but oh, oh, have mercy, and put that thing out of my sight."

Father Francisco.—"Look, you need not be so frightened. I shall lubricate it well with perfumed oil to make it enter you easily, besides I will put some on your cunt and bottom." Suiting his actions to his word, and oiling my privates profusely, especially my bottom-hole, which he lubricated till he could easily work two fingers in at once.

It was dreadfully disgusting, but still his frigging my bottom was rather exciting, and he could tell or guess my feelings, as he went on to say, "I see you like it, but the dildoe will make you plunge and spend with delight."

He then took up my legs; one under each arm, and stood between them, so they were wide apart, and Father Antony, his face plainly showing how he delighted in the task, proceed to force his godemuche into me, opening the lips of my cunt with his fingers till the head was fairly in, then ruthessly shove, shove, shove, till, "Ah! Ah! Oh! Ah—r—r—r—re!" I screamed in dreadful pain, as the sharp bristles ran into the tender surroundings of my pussy. "Ah! Ah! Oh, my God!" I screamed plunging and writhing in my agony, his eyes glared into mine with a fiendish delight, only equalled by the look of his companion, who held my legs like a vice, and encouraged him to fuck the wanton woman till she had had enough to keep her out of adultery for along time to come.

Presently Father Francisco, digging his nails into the flesh of my legs, said excited "See, see, she's coming. The gluey spend is glistening on your dildoe. Now, now, shoot it into her; let her enjoy it!"

In a moment I felt the hot gush of the contents of the godemiche. It rather relieved me for a moment or two, but oh, oh, my dear, even after this long lapse of time, I can never forget the agony of that moment. The whole of my body seemed filled with liquid fire, for they had filled the dildoe with some infernal decoction on purpose to ruin my health, and destroy all chance of my ever enjoying the sweets of love again. Such I know was their intent, for they taunted me with it at the time; but although I never quite recovered from the shock to my system, and feel even now that it was the original cause of my premature decay, they did not succeed in depriving me of all sensual desire or feelings for the future.

I fainted, but they never let me down, and when at last I began to recover consciousness Father Francisco was using his scourge most unmercifully on my buttocks, the drawers being open, and the naked flesh exposed to every cut.

"I thought this would bring her round", exclaimed he. "See, Father Anthony, her eyes are opening, it will soon make her forget the dildoe fucking, she did enjoy that, did she not, Anthony? But she'll be a long time before she has such pleasure again Ha! Ha! Ha!!! how lovely she is getting, see her wriggle from the pain of every cut. Ah, Lucille, dear Lady Ellington, what intense delight the sight of your agony is to us."

By this time either he was tired, or he thought a little respite would enable me to bear more presently, so dropping the scourge on the floor he left me still suspended, whilst himself and assistant sat down and gloated over the sight of my suspended figure and blood-stained bottom, with their hands under their frocks, and I verily believe now they were frigging themselves.

After about ten minutes Father Francisco again approached, scourge in hand, whilst the elder priest gave me a few drops of cordial, and held some pungent salts under my nose to refresh me a little. "That will do," said the former, "stand back, Father Antony. Now, now, you wicked, wanton, lustful young woman, did you wish your husband dead when having connexion with Lord Dunwich? Why don't you answer? Were his parts more pleasing to your sensuality? Is he better furnished than your husband? Speak up; confess all your wickedness! Did no sense of shame shock you in the midst of your enjoyment with that fellow, eh?"

Every question brought a scathing cut with it, breaking the weals and drawing fresh blood at every stroke, but I really was so ashamed I knew not how to answer, and my tongue was useless except for moans or cries of pain, and notwithstanding all their degrading and cruel treatment I felt it was fully deserved by me.

"Won't you speak? won't you confess your sorrow for your sin?" he continued. "Are you really so lost to all sense of shame as to be hardened against repentance? This must be whipped, yes, whipped out of you, even if it nearly costs your life!"

Just then Father Anthony loosed the rope a little, so that I could shrink further from the blows of the scourge, till I was driven up to the wall, where I stood on tiptoe with my hands drawn up over my head, and my back bending as much as possible to avoid the terrible shower of blows with which he was cutting up my buttocks still more and more.

Crimson with shame, tears flowing in torrents from my starting eyes, I moaned, cried and implored for mercy, protesting in a broken voice, "That ever since my husband had renewed his kindness to me I had been very, very sad and ashamed of myself for what I had done, and only his former neglect had caused me to throw myself into the arms of a handsome man to whom I was under great obligations for protecting me when I escaped from the Ursuline Convent.

"Ha, then, you are that Lucille who insulted Lady Superior, I heard all about it at the time!" he went on furiously. "Now you shall be punished for that too," seizing my left leg and lifting it up, so that he could cut freely under my thighs, on my sore cunny, and every tenderest spot he could think of, whilst old Father Anthony was rubbing his hands in delight at the sight.

My agony was so intense that I could only gasp and sigh, strength I had none, he seemed beside himself with rage, but at last dropped his scourge, and throwing open his frock in front I could feel his rampant pego thrusting towards my mount, and am sure he spent on my drawers outside before he could get into me; this he soon effected, and taking my buttocks up in his strong embrace, he fucked furiously, swaying me about with my arms still tied up by the rope; but I forgot all that, his motions within me took away all feeling of pain, and I believe much as I loathed him and felt humiliated by all his dreadful treatment that I actually spent copiously when I felt his hot sperm shooting into and soothing my overheated cunt.

He was so overcome that Father Anthony seeing he was about to fall, released me, or loosened the rope so that we sank down together on the floor, and laid almost motionless for a few minutes, till the old priest, taking up a scourge, began to whip us both unmercifully, and made Francisco get up. This was the end for that time, but I was ordered to prepare for a final penance in a day or two's time.