The Dalles Chronicle/1894/January 24/Literary Note

The Dalles Chronicle  (1894) 
February Overland Monthly

Literary Note.

The February Overland Monthly is to be a Northwestern number, almost exclusively made up of articles, stories, poems and sketches, relating to Oregon and Washington. These are profusely illustrated by a great variety of pictures of the most beautiful points in these two states.

This has not been done by any great effort on the Overland's part, but simply by giving preference in selecting manuscripts for the number to its regular Northwestern contributors. Among them are Frances Fuller Victor, Ella Beecber Gittings, Ella Higginson, Herbert Bashford, S. A. Clark, Rose Simmons, Carrie Blake Morgan, Frank C. Teck, J. C. Nattrass, and other writers well-known to Overland readers and to the Northwest as well. It emphasizes the fact that the Overland is the magazine of the whole west coast.