The Dial/Volume 15/Number 172


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No. 172.
Vol. XV.
AUGUST 16, 1893.



A NEWSPAPER SYMPOSIUM 79 THE EDUCATION CONGRESSES 82 COMMUNICATIONS 85 Breach of Idiom. F. H. The Use and Abuse of Slang. Pitts Dv.ffi.dd. GEORGE EBERS'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY. E. G. J. . 87 MR. IRVING'S VIEWS ON THE MODERN DRAMA. Elwyn A. Barron 90 RECENT FICTION. William Morton Payne ... 92 Doyle's The Refugees. Crawford's Pietro Ghisleri. Emily Hoppin's From Out of the Past. Miss Elli- ott's John Paget. Miss MeClelland's Broadoaks. Miss Bell's The Love Affairs of an Old Maid. Mrs. Catherwood's Old Kaskaskia. Bangs's Toppleton's Client. Kipling's Many Inventions. Matthews's The Story of a Story. Mrs. Deland's Mr. Tommy Dove. Sullivan's Day and Night Stories. BRIEFS ON NEW BOOKS 95 A new text-book of Biology. Interpretations of Tennyson's Idylls of the King. Lurid pictures of modern city life. A new edition of Juvenal's Sa- tires. The seventh part of the " Great English Dic- tionary." French dominion in the Valley of the Miss- issippi. Robert Morris, the financier of the Revolu- tion. The Establishment of the Anglican Church in America. BRIEFER MENTION 97 LITERARY NOTES AND NEWS 97 LIST OF NEW BOOKS . . 98