The Dial/Volume 15/Number 173


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No. 173.
Vol. XV.
SEPTEMBER 1, 1893.



A MIDWAY REVIEW 105 THE AUGUST CONGRESSES 107 COMMUNICATIONS 108 " The Use and Abuse of Slang." Brander Matthews. The " New Theology " and Quackery. Leon A. Harvey. An Unauthoritative Authority. R. O. Williams. THREE NEW BOOKS ON INDIA. E. G. J. . . . 110 THE NEW WITCHCRAFT. Joseph Jastrow . . .113 AN AUSTRALIAN BUILDER. John J. Halsey . . 114 ENGLISH PROSE LITERATURE. Oliver Farrar Emerson 116 BRIEFS ON NEW BOOKS 118 Exquisite reprints of classic English fiction. A fan- ciful scheme for the study of psychology. Mr. Ma- bie's literary essays. A sympathetic biography of Dr. John Brown. A satisfactory biography of the Earl of Aberdeen. Greek and Latin Palaeography. An excellent hand-book of American history. A thousand-page history of the Fair. BRIEFER MENTION 120 LITERARY NOTES AND NEWS 121 TOPICS IN LEADING PERIODICALS 122 LIST OF NEW BOOKS , . 122