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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Donaldson, Hon. John

Donaldson, Hon. John, M.L.A., was born at Terang, Victoria, and engaged in squatting pursuits, proceeding to New South Wales in 1876, and to Queensland in 1881. He was returned to the Assembly for Warrego in 1883, but now represents Bulloo. He was appointed Postmaster-General and Secretary for Public Instruction in the McIlwraith Ministry on June 13th, 1888; and when the ministry was reconstructed under Mr. Morehead, on Nov. 30th in that year, continued to hold the same posts until Nov. 19th, 1889, when he succeeded Mr. Pattison as Colonial Treasurer. He resigned with his colleagues in August 1890, owing to the opposition of the Assembly to his financial proposals. He was one of the Queensland delegates to the Federation Convention held at Sydney in March 1891.