The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Fenton, Hon. Michael

Fenton, Hon. Michael, formerly captain in the 12th Regiment, after service in India, sold out and emigrated to Tasmania in 1829, settling on a grant of land at Fenton Forest, near Glenora, on the river Derwent. He was appointed a member of the nominee Legislative Council by Sir John Franklin in 1840, and was one of the "Patriotic Six," who resigned their seats in the Council, in order to frustrate the financial policy of Governor Wilmot, in 1846, but was reappointed by royal warrant in March 1847. In 1851 he became one of the first elected members of the Legislative Council, representing New Norfolk. In 1855 he was elected Speaker in succession to Sir R. Dry. When responsible government was conceded he entered the House of Assembly for the same district, and was elected the first Speaker in Dec. 1856. Mr. Fenton continued to fill the chair of the House till May 1861, when he resigned, and was succeeded by Sir Robert Officer. He died at Fenton Forest on April 6th, 1874, aged eighty-five years.