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Fenwick, George, J.P., editor of the Otago Daily Times, was born at Sunderland, England, on Feb. 2nd, 1847. He arrived with his parents in Melbourne on Jan. 1st, 1853, and subsequently came to New Zealand, landing in Dunedin in 1856. He entered the office of the Otago Witness in 1859, and there remained until 1866, when he visited Australia. Returning to Otago, he became part proprietor of one or two provincial newspapers, and in 1875 was appointed manager of the Otago Guardian, a daily paper of considerable merit, at that time published in opposition to the Otago Daily Times. The Guardian subsequently became the property of Mr. G. M. Reed, whom Mr. Fenwick joined in partnership. In 1877 the subject of our sketch conceived the project of purchasing the Otago Daily Times, and, after much negotiation, Messrs. Reed and Fenwick became proprietors of the Times and of the Otago Witness. Subsequently Mr. Fenwick was appointed managing director of a company which purchased the property. This position he still holds, and in conduction therewith he was appointed editor of the Times in August 1890. Mr. Fenwick is chairman of the Dunedin City and Suburban Tramways Company and a Justice of the Peace.