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Jones, Richard, was born in Liverpool in 1816, emigrated in 1838 to Sydney, and worked at his trade as a printer until 1842, when he joined in starting the Maitland Mercury, of which he was sole proprietor from 1846 to 1854, when he returned to Sydney. He was elected to the first Assembly under responsible government for Durham in 1856, and was Colonial Treasurer under Mr. (afterwards Sir) Chas. Cowper, from Sept. 1857 to Jan. 1858, when he resigned. In 1859 he was returned for the Hunter District, and in the following year, on the resignation of the Forster Ministry, was asked by the Governor, Sir William Denison, to form a Ministry. He, however, declined the duty, and very shortly afterwards retired from political life. He has been chairman of that most successful institution the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney for many years past.

In appended Supplement, p. 533

Jones, Richard (p. 254). Mr. Jones died in Sydney on August 26th, 1892.