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Jordan, Henry, M.L.A., was born in Lincoln on Nov. 22nd, 1818, and educated at Bramwell's Boarding School, Penzance, Kingswood School, and the London Institution for Diseases of the Teeth. In Feb. 1856 he arrived in Queensland, and was a member of the first Board of Education in Queensland, and represented the city of Brisbane in the first session of the first Parliament. From Jan. 1861 to Dec. 1866 he was in London as Commissioner and Agent-General for Immigration, and from 1868 to 1871 he sat in the Assembly as member for East Moreton. In 1875 he was appointed Registrar-General, which office he held until 1883. He was elected to the Assembly for South Brisbane in the same year. In August 1887 he succeeded Mr. C. B. Dutton as Minister for Lands, and went out of office with his colleagues in June 1888. At the general election in that year he was re-elected for South Brisbane, and died in June 1890.