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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Mason, Clayton Turner

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Mason, Clayton Turner, M.I.C.E., J.P., son of the late Charles Adnam Mason, of Great Malvern, Worcester, and Farrington, Hereford, was born at Farrington on May 25th, 1847, and was educated at King Edward's School, Birmingham. After considerable experience of engineering work in Wales and America, Mr. Mason went to Fiji, and from 1874 to 1877 was engaged in the railway branch of the Department of Public Works, New South Wales. In 1877 he was appointed resident engineer of the Geraldton and Northampton Railway, Western Australia, and superintended the construction of the Point Moore Lighthouse, and other public works in the Victoria district. He was afterwards resident engineer for four years of the Eastern Railway in the same colony; Acting Commissioner of Railways on two occasions during 1882 and 1883, and was provisionally appointed in 1884 Director of Public Works and Commissioner of Railways, with a seat in the Executive and Legislative Councils. In June 1885, on the arrival of the Hon. J. Wright, he retired from the Executive and Legislative Councils, and was appointed General Manager and Maintenance Engineer of the Western Australian Railways. In Jan. 1890, in consequence of the resignation of Mr. Wright, he was appointed Commissioner of Railways and a member of the Executive Council, which position he held till the introduction of responsible government early in 1891, and from that time till June 1st in the same year he continued to discharge the duties of General Manager of Railways and Engineer of Existing Lines, when, in consequence of departmental changes, he was appointed Collector of Customs for the colony. Mr. Mason married in 1879 Julia, daughter of the late Captain Daniel Scott, of Fremantle.