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Matheson, John, sometime general manager of the Bank of Victoria, Melbourne, was born in Sutherlandshire, Scotland, in 1821; was educated at the local schools, and made his first start in life at the early age of fourteen, when he was invited to join his uncles in Tasmania, then Van Diemen's Land. The youthful emigrant sailed from Cromarty to London in a fishing smack, and only reached Hobart Town after a tedious voyage of several months. He was employed in a merchant's office until 1838, and when the Union Bank of Australia opened a branch at Hobart Town Mr. Matheson joined the staff. He served the Bank both in Hobart Town and Launceston until he was promoted to be accountant, and in 1845 was appointed manager at Geelong, in the colony of Victoria. In 1851 he was appointed chief manager of the Union Bank in Australia. In Jan. 1853 he resigned his connection with his old bank, having accepted the general managership of the when newly formed Bank of Victoria—an appointment he held for many years. In 1859 Mr. Matheson visited England, and established the Bank of Victoria's London office, rejoining the head office in Melbourne in 1861. In the meantime he became considerably interested in station property in Victoria and New South Wales. Upon the retirement of Mr. D. C. MᶜArthur he was elected chairman of the associated banks. In 1877 he again left for England, and died on May 10th, 1882.