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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Scott, Hon. James Reid

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Scott, Hon. James Reid, son of James Scott, formerly Assistant Surveyor-General of Tasmania, was born at Gattonside, Melrose, Scotland, on April 1st, 1839. He was educated as a surveyor, but never practised his profession. Mr. Scott made many exploring expeditions in the western and north-east districts of Tasmania, and did valuable work in mapping the Western Highlands of the colony. Accounts of some of his explorations appear in the Transactions of the Royal Society of Tasmania for the years 1872 and 1875. He represented the district of Selby in the House of Assembly from Oct. 1866 to Nov. 1872. On accepting office as Colonial Secretary in the Innes Ministry on Nov. 4th, 1872, he resigned his seat in the Assembly, and was elected to the Legislative Council for the district of South Esk. He held the office of Colonial Secretary until the retirement of the Innes Ministry on August 4th, 1873. Mr. Scott died at Hobart on August 25th, 1877.