The Encyclopedia Americana (1906)/Munch, Peter Andreas, 1810-1863

Munch, moonH, Peter Andreas, Scandinavian historian: b. Christiania, Norway, 15 Dec. 1810; d. Rome 25 May 1863. He was educated at the University of Christiania, and studied deeply into the old Norse language and antiquities. In 184I he was appointed professor of history at the University of Christiania. He was accorded the unusual privilege of access to the papal archives in Rome, where he spent much time in study. His principal work is 'History of the Norwegian People' (1852-63). Munch published several works of a linguistic character, and, repudiating the term "Icelandic," maintained that the so-called Icelandic literature was really Old Norse. He also translated several of the Old Norse sagas. A collection of his essays was edited by Gustav Storm (1873-6).