The Encyclopedia Americana (1906)/Munch, Peter Andreas, 1811-1884

Munch, Peter Andreas, Norwegian poet: b. Christiania 19 Oct. 1811; d. near Copenhagen 27 June 1884. He was originally a student of law, but became an editor (1841-6) and professor in the university (1866) at Christiania. Among his writings are: 'Sorg og Trost' ('Grief and Consolation'), of which seven editions have been printed; 'Ephemera' (1836); 'King Sverre's Youth' (1837), a drama; 'The Singer' (1838); 'Poems Old and New' (1848); 'Pictures from North and South' (1848), in prose; 'New Poems' (1850); 'Lord William Russel' (3d ed. 1888), a tragedy; and 'An Evening at Giske' (1855), a historical drama. Munch translated into Norwegian many works from such authors as Tennyson and Walter Scott, and wrote some popular Norwegian songs.