The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/White, William Allen

Edition of 1920. See also William Allen White on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

WHITE, William Allen, American author: b. Emporia, Kan., 1868. He was educated at the University of Kansas and in 1890 became editor of the Eldorado Daily Republican. He afterward was engaged on the editorial staffs of the Kansas City Journal and of the Star, and in 1894 purchased the Emporia Gazette. His editorial, ‘What's the Matter with Kansas?’ published in that paper in August 1896, was read and reprinted throughout the country. He has published ‘The Real Issue’ (1896); ‘The Court of Boyville’ (1899); ‘Stratagems and Spoils’ (1901); ‘A Certain Rich Man’ (1909); ‘The Old Order Changeth’ (1910); ‘God's Puppets’ (1916); ‘In the Heart of a Fool’ (1918); ‘The Martial Adventures of Henry and Me’ (1918), etc.