The Farmer  (1825) 
The Careful Wife


Hark, gentle Jane, the huntsman’s horn:
Now chides my longest day:
Mark ! cries Jean—see the hazy morn,
Proclaims the cheerless day
To hunt the stag, the fox, the hare,
Fresh health these sports impart:
Cries Jane, dear John, oh! pray forbear,
For danger wings Death’s dart;
Yoics! tantivy! soho!
Dear John cries Jean, your spirits spare,
Of tantivy— O, beware:

See: gentle Jane, Aurora bright,
Her beams burst thro’ the sky;
See: cries Jane by that genial light,
The magic of this eye.
To chase the stag, the fox, the hare,
Should joys domestic yield?
Cries Jane, dear John, avoid the snare,
That lurks in danger’s field.
Yoics! tantivy! soho:
Dear John, cries Jane if life's your care,
Of tantivy— O, beware:

Now, gentle Jane! I mount my mare,
And spurs clap to her side:
Now, cries Jane, where's the tender care
You swore to me your bride.
I’ll chase the stag, the fox, the hare,
Though Death in ambush hide!
Cries Jane, dear John, of fate beware
Lest mischief should betide!
Yoics! tantivy! soho!
Now John convinc'd, dismounts his mare.
Of tantivy—O, beware!


This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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