January 1, 1868, to July 1, 1868.




Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1868, by
in the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the Southern District of New York.


American and Foreign Theatres Olive Logan 22
American Dining George E. Pond 256
Aphoristic Cynicisms Junius Henry Browne 122
A Problem Henry James, Jr. 697
Apple Blossoms May Mather 761
A Trip to the Wyandotte Cave F. M. Gray 746
Ballad (The) of Sir Ball W. D. O'Connor 328
Beechdale—Chapters 1 to 5 Marian Harland 581, 719
Before Genius John Burroughs 421
Black Bess (The) Harriet Prescott Spofford 517
British Marriage Law and Practice Theresa Yelverton 197
Burgoyne in a New Light William L. Stone 78
Byronism Walter S. McCann 777
Camorra (The) of Naples G. W. Appleton 641
Case (A) of Mistaken Identity Edward Gould Buffum 188
Cassiterides (The) W. L. Alden 500
Christmas (The Same) in Old England and New Edward Everett Hale 47
Clementina Kinniside E. Lynn Linton 549
Corner Stone (A) Clarence Cook 144
Cruikshank (George) Clarence Cook 126
Deserted Plantation (A) E. B. Seabrook 308
Dinner (A) Pierre Blot 173
Drift-Wood Philip Quilibet 645, 782

Annual House-Swapping; New Hampshire Canvasses; The Alabama Claims; Books, Brains, and Bread; The Travelling Season; Who is our Sovereign; A Nation's Repentance and Faith; Churches and Amusements.

Eccentric Artist (An) D. E. C. 638
Elements of Physiology (Huxley's) E. L. Youmans 656
Elder Knapp, the Revivalist George E. Pond 342
Elizabetta's Christmas Harriet Prescott Spofford 60
Faux-Pas of the Press James Grant Wilson 762
Fight (The) at Fisher's Hill James Franklin Fitts 427
Five Years in Japan D. B. Simmons 606
Forced Marches J. W. De Forest 708
Forest Fire (The) Edward S. Ellis 774
From May till Martinmas Mrs. W. H. Palmer 455
General Washington's Negro Body-Servant Mark Twain 154
Grasses and Wild Flowers H. Malan 690
House and the Heart E. R. Sill 574
How Lamirande was Caught Gaston Fay 355
Jarocho Life Mayne Reid 681
John Bright at Home Richard J. Hinton 288
Lady Jacqueline Phœbe Cary 679
Literature and Art 652, 778

William Blake, by Richard Grant White; Huxley's Elements of Physiology, by E. L. Youmans; Art and Artists, by S. S. Conant; Women Writers and Mrs. Edwards, by Eugene Benson; Various Books, by Richard Grant White.

Legend (The) of St. Gwendoline Morgan Dix 258
London Docks N. S. Dodge 766
Love's Largess Helen Hunt 129
Lowlands (The) of the Mississippi Henry L. Abbot 445
Magazine Making The Editor 509
Manners (The) of the Day The Editor 376
Modern French Clubs George M. Towle 247
My Late Senatorial Secretaryship Mark Twain 633
My Note Book Anne M. Crane 733
My Spiritualistic Experiences Richard Frothingham 28
Native Wines and Native Games Pierre Blot 631
Nebulæ The Editor 124, 255, 382, 513, 659, 797

Christmas—George Cruikshank—Sunday Laws—"On this Continent"—"Love's Largess"—Derivation of Slang—Punning—Charles Dickens—American Dining—The Legend of St. Gwendoline—Apathy of the American People—The Sinfulness of Sleep—A Ball and a Poem—The Story of Macbeth—Female Poppers—The Amount of our Reading—One Touch of Nature—Mines and Coinage—Honorary Degrees—Books and Publishers—A New Religion—A Case for Retaliation—A Woman's Word with Monsieur Blot—A Man's Word with Monsieur Blot—The Tyng Trial and its Moral—Wood Engraving—The Grande Duchesse—An Apt Application of Scripture—New York Names—Congressional Courtesies—Women 2,000 Years Ago—Artistic Imagination—Poetry at the Capitol—Women's Waists.

O. P. Riots (The) of 1809 A. Bromley 636
Our Millionaires T. W. 529
Our Railway Management Edward Howland 757
Parting in Hope Thomas Hitchcock 426
Personalism Walt Whitman 540
Pilgrimage (The) to Mecca Edna Dean Proctor 575
Political Outlook (The) D. G. Croly 41
Popular Songs George Wakeman 157
Reminiscences of Dr. Wayland W. L. Stone 180
Secret History (The) of a Subsidized Organ Olive Logan 317
Semele E. R. Sill 374
Shadow (The) on the Wall 547
Sinfulness of Sleep Junius Henry Browne 259
Slaughtered (The) Frenchman Paul Asberge 472
Snow (The) May Mather 172
Soldier Statesmen Thomas Jordan 565
Some Celebrated Shrews Frank W. Ballard 298
Some of our Actors O. B. Bunce 165
Southern Troubles and their Remedy James O. Noyes 365
Spring (1868) Exhibition National Academy S. S. Conant 657
Steven Lawrence, Yeoman—Chapter 32 to end Mrs. Edwards 86, 206, 261, 389, 618, 661
Story (The) of a Masterpiece Henry James, Jr 5, 133
The Galaxy Miscellany 631, 762

Native Wines and Native Game, by Pierre Blot; My Late Senatorial Secretaryship, by Mark Twain; The O. P. Riots of 1809, by A. Bromley; An Eccentric Artist, by D. E. C.; The Camorra of Naples, by G. W. Appleton; Faux-Pas of the Press, by Jas. Grant Wilson; London Docks, by N. S. Dodge; The Tompkinses, by N. T.; The Forest Fire, by Edward S. Ellis; Byronism, by Walter S. McCann.

Three Branches (The) of the Government John Norton Pomeroy 482
To a Lady T. W. Parsons 707
To a Caged Canary Lily Nelson 732
Tompkinses (The) N. T. 770
Trumpet Smith (The) Charles Dawson Shanly 539
Wedding Song (A) Edgar Fawcett 27
William Blake (Swinburne's) Richard Grant White 652
With my Book T. W. Parsons 21
Woman and the Weed Schuyler Brightley 438
Words and their Uses Richard Grant White 240, 334, 491, 599
Woods and Waters Edward Clarence Stedman 579
Worthless Laurels Kate Putnam Osgood 297
Wreck Helen Hunt 630