The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Holderness, Sir Thomas William

Holderness, Sir Thomas William, B.A., K.C.S.I., (1907), C.S.I. (1898), Under-Secy. of State for India; b, 1849; s. of late John W. Holderness. of Liverpool; educ: Cheltenham College, and University College, Oxford; Joined service. 1873; Under Secretary to Government of India, Rev. and Agri. Departments, 1881; Joint Magistrate N.W. Prvinces, 1886; acted in various other capacities until he joined the India Office, London, as Secretary in the Revenue, Statistics and Commerce Departments, 1901; Kaiser-i-Hind Medal, 1901. Address. No. 11, Orme Court, London, W. Club: Althenaeum.