The Lives and Characters of the English Dramatick Poets/Lodowick Carlell

This Gentleman was an Old Courtier, and liv'd in the Time of both the King Charles's, and possest the Places of Gentleman of the Bowes to King Charles I. and of Groom of the King and Queen's Privy-Chamber. He has Publish'd Eight Plays (viz.)

Arviragus and Philicia, in Two Parts, T.C. 12o. 1639. (revived since with a new Prologue writ by Mr. Dryden, and spoke by the famous Actor, Mr. Hart. For the Story on which this Play is grounded, see Geof. Monmouth, lib. 4. c. 16. Pol. Virgil, lib. 2. Matth. West, pag. 93. Grafton, Part 7. pag, 77.

Deserving Favourite, T.C. 8vo. 1659. This Play was represented before King Charles I. and his Queen at White-Hall, and often in Black-Fryars, with great Applause.

Fool would be a Favourite; or, The Discreet Lover, 8vo. 1657.

Osmond the Great Turk; or, The Noble Servant, Tragedy, 8vo. 1657. (The Action of this Play is, the taking of Constantinople, in the Year 1453. See Knolles's Turkish Hist. in the Life of Mahomet II. Bandello's Novels, Tom. 1. Hist. 2. Lipsii Monita, lib. 2. Cap. 9. Artus le Contin. de l'Hist. des Turcs. Lib. 11. This Play, with the two preceding, are Printed together in 8vo. 1657.

Passionate Lover, in Two Parts, T.C. 8vo. 1655. This Play was published by Mr. Alex. Gough, it having been before twice presented before the King and Queen's Majesties at Somerset-House.

Heraclius, Emperor of the East, Trag. 4to. 1664. This translated from the French of Monsieur Corneille, was designed by the Translator for the Stage, but never Acted. See Zonar, Baronius, &c.