The Lives and Characters of the English Dramatick Poets/Mrs. Catharine Philips

Mrs. Catharine Philips.

She was, if I mistake not, born in Brecknock-shire, in Wales. Contemporary of Cowley, and much praised by him. I must confess, I cannot but prefer Mrs. Behn infinitely before her; she seems to be a very cold Writer, while you may find in Aphra both Fire and Easiness, which Mrs. Philips wanted. She dy’d of the Small Pox, June, 22. 1664. Aged 31.

Horace, a Tragedy, Fol. 1678. Translated from the French of Corneille. This Authress leaving the Play unfinish’d at her Death, Sir John Denham compleated it, by adding the fifth Act; after which, it was acted at Court by Persons of Quality. Plot from Livy, lib. 1. c. 2. L. Florus, &c.

Pompey, a Tragedy, fol. 1678. acted at the Duke’s Theatre, with great Applause. There was usually at the End acted a Farce of Sir William Davenant’s, which you may find in his Play-House to be Lett. The Earl of Orrery, and Countess of Cork, were the Chief Instruments of bringing this Play in English, to light. Translated also from Corneille, and Plot from Lucan’s Pharsalia.