The Merry Muses of Caledonia/Errock Brae


Tune—"Sir Alex. Don's Strathspey."

This is an old song current among the peasantry of that day.

O Errock stane, may never maid
A maiden by thee gae,
Nor e'er a stan' o' stan'in' graith,
Gae stannin' o'er the brae.

For tillin' Errock brae, young man,
And tillin' Errock brae,
An open fur, and stan'in' graith,
Maun till the Errock brae.

As I sat by the Errock stane,
Surveying far and near.
Up came a Cameronian,
Wi' a' his preaching gear.

For tillin', etc.

He flang the Bible o'er the brae,
Amang the rashy gerse,
But the Solemn League and Covenant,
He laid below my a—e.

For tillin', etc.

But on the edge of Errock brae,
He gae me sic a sten.
That o'er, and o'er, and o'er we row'd,
Till we cam' to the glen.

For tillin', etc.

Yet still his p—t—e held the grip,
And still his b—l—ks hang,
That a Synod couldna tell the a—e,
To wham they did belang.

For tillin', etc.

A Prelate he loups on before,
A Catholic behin',
But gi'e me a Cameronian,
He f——s a body blin'.

For tillin'. etc.