The Merry Muses of Caledonia/Godly Girzie


Tune—"Wat ye wha I met yestreen."

Anonymous, but quite in Burns's style. Burns never once mentions the Craigie hills, familiar as he was with the Kilmarnock district.

The night it was a haly night,
The day had been a haly day;
Kilmarnock gleamed wi' candle light,
As Girzie hameward took her way.
A man o' sin, ill may he thrive!
And never haly-meeting see!
Wi' godly Girzie met belyve,
Amang the Craigie hills sae hie.

The chiel was wight, the chiel was stark,
He wadna wait to chap nor ca'.
And she was faint wi' haly wark.
She had na pith to say him na.
But ay she glowr'd up to the moon,
And ay she sighed most piouslie,
"I trust my heart's in heaven aboon,
Whare'er your sinfu' p—t—e be."