The Merry Muses of Caledonia/The Cooper o' Cuddy


Tune"Bob at the Bowster."

A MS. of this old song is in the British Museum, in the holograph of Burns; but it is not identical with the version here given. Probably he took it down as a later or preferable version.

The Cooper o' Cuddy cam' here awa',
He ca'd the girrs out o'er us a',
An' our gudewife has gotten a fa'
That angered the silly gudeman, O.

We'll hide the cooper behind the door,
Behind the door, behind the door,
We'll hide the cooper behind the door,
And cover him with a mawn. O.

He sought them out, he sought them in,
Wi' deil hae her, and deil hae him,
But the body he was sae doited an' blin',
He wistna where he was gaun, O.
We'll hide the cooper, &c.

They cooper'd at e'en—they cooper'd at morn,
Till our gudeman has gotten the scorn,
On ilka brow he's planted a horn,
And swears that there they shall stand, O.
We'll hide the cooper, &c.