The Merry Muses of Caledonia/The Ranting Dog the Daddy o't


Tune"East Neuk o' Fife."

Concerning this composition, Burns himself says:—"I composed this song pretty early in life, and sent it to a young girl, a very particular acquaintance of mine, who was at that time under a cloud." This was doubtless Betty Paton, mother of his "dear bought Bess," at whose birth he composed "The Poet's Welcome." Both pieces are printed in most editions of Burns's works.

O wha my baby clouts will buy?
O wha will tent me when I cry?
O wha will kiss me where I lie?
But the ranting dog the daddy o't.
O wha will own he did the faut?
O wha will buy the groaning maut?
O wha will tell me what to ca't?
But the ranting dog the daddy o't.
When I mount the creepie chair,
Wha will sit beside me there?
Gie me Rab, I'll ask nae mair,
The ranting dog the daddy o't.
Wha will crack to me my lane?
Wha will make me fidging fain?
Wha will kiss me o'er again?
But the ranting dog the daddy o't.

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