The New International Encyclopædia/Arkansas, University of

Edition of 1905.  See also University of Arkansas on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

ARKANSAS, University of. A State institution, situated at Fayetteville, Ark. It was founded in 1872, and has a medical and a law school at Little Rock, Ark., and a branch normal college at Pine Bluff. It is supported by the aid of the Federal and State endowments and appropriations, and has an income of about $70,000, grounds and buildings valued at $300,000, and a library of about 10,000 volumes. In 1901 there were 37 professors and instructors and 1150 students, distributed in the several departments as follows: Collegiate, 302; medical, 240; preparatory, 340; law, 21; normal training, 247. President, John L. Buchanan, A.M., LL.D.