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The New International Encyclopædia/Armida

ARMIDA, är-mē′dȧ. A beautiful sorceress in Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered. She was employed by Satan to seduce Rinaldo and other Crusaders upon their arrival before the Holy City. Lured away by Armida to her pleasure-palace, Rinaldo for a time forgets his vows, but is released from the spell by a powerful talisman. He returns to the war, but is followed by the sorceress, who at last rushes into battle against him. She is defeated by Rinaldo, who then declares his love for her, converts her to Christianity, and vows to be her faithful knight. The story of Armida has been made the subject of operas by Lully (1686), Gluck (1777), Cherubini (1784), Zingarelli (1786), and Rossini (1817).