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The New International Encyclopædia/Conneaut

CONNEAUT, kŏnnē̇-a̤t′. A village on Conneaut Creek, Ashtabula County, Ohio, near the Pennsylvania line, 68 miles northeast of Cleveland, and noted as the landing-place of the first white settlers of northern Ohio in 1796 (Map: Ohio, J 2). It is on the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern; the New York, Chicago and Saint Louis; and the Pittsburg, Lake Erie and Bessemer railroads, and has a good harbor at the mouth of the creek, where there is a lighthouse. It is an important ore and coal port, and has extensive railroad shops and plants for the manufacture of canned goods, self-sealing packages, bricks, lumber, etc. Conneaut also exports large amounts of molding sand and agricultural produce. The electric-light plant is owned and operated by the village, which was incorporated in 1832. It is governed by a mayor, elected every two years, and a council. Population, in 1890, 3241; in 1900, 7133.