The New International Encyclopædia/Delaware (Ohio)

Edition of 1905.  See also Delaware, Ohio on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

DELAWARE. A city and the county-seat of Delaware County, Ohio, 24 miles north of Columbus, on the Whetstone (Olentangy) River, and on the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and Saint Louis, the Columbus, Sandusky and Hocking, and the Columbus, Hocking Valley and Toledo railroads (Map: Ohio, E 5). It is the seat of the Ohio Wesleyan University (Methodist-Episcopal), opened in 1844, and has a public and other libraries. There are mineral springs noted for medicinal properties. The city carries on a considerable trade, and has foundries, railroad repair shops, clay-works, and manufactures of chairs, carriages, building material, gloves, flour, woolens, lumber, etc. Delaware, incorporated in 1827, is governed by a mayor, elected every two years, and a municipal council. Population, in 1890, 8224; in 1900, 7940.