The New International Encyclopædia/Dover (New Jersey)

Edition of 1905.  See also Dover, New Jersey on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

DOVER. A town in Morris County, N. J., 42 miles west by north of New York City; on the Rockaway River, the Morris Canal, and the Lackawanna and the New Jersey Central railroads (Map: New Jersey, C 2). It has large iron interests, railroad car-shops, iron-works, machine-shops, stove, furnace, and range works, rolling-mills, drill-works, knitting and silk mills, and an overall factory. A national powder depot has been established five miles from Dover. The town government, under a charter amended in 1875, is vested in a mayor, biennially elected, a recorder, aldermen, and councilmen, who constitute a unicameral municipal council. Dover was first settled about the middle of the eighteenth century, though in 1792 it had only four dwellings and a forge. It was incorporated as a villase in 1826, and in 1869 as a town. Population, in 1900, 5938.