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The New International Encyclopædia/Madison (New Jersey)

MADISON. A borough in Morris County, N. J., 26 miles by rail west of New York City, and 4½ miles southeast of Morristown; on the Lackawanna Railroad (Map: New Jersey, D 2). It is the seat of Drew Theological Seminary (q.v.); is popular as a suburb for Newark and New York business men; and has a public library and a fine public park, the latter having been improved at an expense of $200,000. The only important industry is that of flower culture, rose-growing being the most important specialty. Madison was settled before the Revolution, and was incorporated as a borough in 1889. The government is vested in a mayor, chosen biennially, and a council, elected on a general ticket. The borough owns and operates the water-works and electric light plant. Population, in 1890, 2469; in 1900, 3754.