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The New International Encyclopædia/Norwalk (Ohio)

NORWALK. A city and the county-seat of Huron County, Ohio, 55 miles west by south of Cleveland; on the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern and the Wheeling and Lake Erie railroads (Map: Ohio, E 3). It is a city of fine residences, particularly on the main street, and has a handsome court house and jail. Norwalk is well situated for a commercial centre in an agricultural and stock-raising country; its extensive industrial interests are represented by piano works, iron and steel works, railroad shops, pickling works, manufactories of interior decorations, curtain poles, novelties, umbrellas, tobacco, etc., and by a printing and publishing house. The government is vested in a mayor, elected every two years, and a unicameral council. The water-works, with reservoirs having a capacity of 500,000,000 gallons and covering an area of about forty acres, are owned and operated by the municipality. Settled in 1817, Norwalk was incorporated first in 1828. and in 1881 received a city charter. Huron County is the westernmost of the ten counties in northern Ohio composing the ‘Connecticut Reserve,’ or ‘Western Reserve,’ part of which was granted to Revolutionary sufferers. Population, in 1890, 7195; in 1900, 7074.