The New International Encyclopædia/South Carolina College

SOUTH CAROLINA COLLEGE. A non-sectarian, coeducational college in Columbia, S. C., chartered in 1801 and opened in 1805. It was closed in 1863 and was reopened in 1866 as the University of South Carolina. In 1878 the university was divided into two branches; one the South Carolina College, the other Claflin College, for negroes, at Orangeburg. Its charter was again amended in 1887 and 1890, and in 1894 women were admitted to all courses. It has a system of accredited schools, the certificate of which admits students without examination. The college has a department of law. In 1902 the students numbered 215, with a faculty of 18. The library contained 33,783 volumes. Its income was $35,454.