The New International Encyclopædia/Spartanburg

SPAR′TANBURG. A city and the county-seat of Spartanburg County, S. C., 93 miles northwest of Columbia; on several branches of the Southern and the Atlantic Coast Line railroads (Map: South Carolina, C 2). It has the Kennedy Public Library, and is the seat of Converse College, a non-sectarian institution for women, opened in 1890. Wofford College (Methodist Episcopal, South), opened in 1854, and the State Deaf, Dumb, and Blind Institute. Spartanburg is situated in a rich cotton-growing and farming section, which also has deposits of gold, limestone, and granite, and other mineral wealth. It is the centre of a large cotton-manufacturing district, containing some 30 mills with more than 400,000 spindles. There are several large cotton mills in the city and suburbs; also iron works, lumber mills, and manufactories of brooms and soap. The government, under the charter of 1901, is vested in a mayor, chosen every two years, and a unicameral council. Population, in 1890, 5544; in 1900, 11,395.