The New International Encyclopædia/Wooster

WOOS′TER. The county-seat of Wayne County, O., 52 miles south by west of Cleveland, on the Pennsylvania and the Baltimore and Ohio railroads (Map: Ohio, G 4). It is the seat of the University of Wooster (Presbyterian), opened in 1870, and has a public library, and the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, which possesses fine buildings and grounds. The principal manufactures include boilers, engines, farm implements, flour, lumber products, pianos, glass, etc. The water-works are the property of the municipality. Wooster (named in honor of General David Wooster, q.v.) was laid out in 1808, and was incorporated in 1817. It received a city charter in 1868. Population, in 1890, 5901; in 1900, 6063.