The New Student's Reference Work/Cullom, Shelby Moore

Cullom, Shelby Moore, United States senator and Republican governor of Illinois (1876-83), was born in Wayne County, Ky., Nov. 22, 1829. In 1830 he removed with his parents to Illinois, and studied law and practiced at Springfield, where he had his home. In 1856 he was elected to the Illinois legislature, and in 1860 was speaker of the chamber. From 1865 to 1871 he represented his district in Congress, when he re-entered the Illinois legislature and once more became speaker. In 1876 and again in 1880 he was governor of his state, but resigned in 1883 to become United States senator. He remained in the senate continuously after that date, being re-elected successively in 1889, 1895, 1901 and 1907. Senator Cullom nominated Grant for the presidency in 1872 and always took an active part in railroad legislation. In 1886 he was chairman of the Interstate Commerce Commission, later chairman of the committee on foreign relations; and in 1898 was appointed one of the commissioners to establish United States government in Hawaii. He died January 28, 1914.

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