The New Student's Reference Work/Culpeper, Thomas, Lord

Culpeper or Colepeper, Thomas, Lord, colonial governor of Virginia (1680-83), was born in England in 1664 and died there in 1719. In 1669 he purchased lands in Virginia lying between the Potomac and the Rappanannock, and in 1673, with Lord Arlington, received from King Charles II a grant of the whole territory of Virginia. Later on he was appointed governor of the province, and personally ruled there between the years 1680-83, and acted despotically, annulling the privilege of appeal of the colonists to the local assembly. In 1683 he withdrew from his governorship, and in violation of orders returned to England, where he was deprived of his patent as governor and prosecuted. At his death his large estate in Virginia passed to Lady Fairfax, his daughter.