Lew′iston, an important manufacturing city in Androscoggin County, Me. It is situated 36 miles north of Portland, on the left bank of Androscoggin River, being connected by several bridges with Auburn on the opposite bank. As the river here falls nearly 50 feet, Lewiston has an abundant supply of water-power, which has been turned to great advantage by manufacturing establishments. There are quite a number of manufacturing companies and corporations in the city, the value of their annual products exceeding $15,000,000. Chief among these industries is the manufacture of cottoncloth and woolen goods; next in importance the bleaching and dye works (for bleaching and dyeing cotton materials). There are, besides, a large boot and shoe factory, several establishments which furnish supplies for the cotton and woolen mills and a number of other industries. Lewiston has excellent public and parochial schools, several churches, two fine hospitals, an orphan asylum etc. Bates College, which has its seat here, was founded by the Free Baptists in 1863, Benjamin E. Bates of Boston contributing $200,000 to its endowment. It is co-educational, and was the first college in New England to receive women. Lewiston was incorporated as a village in 1795, but did not receive a city charter until 1863. Population 26,247.