The New Student's Reference Work/Michelet, Jules

Michelet (mē′sh’-lắ′), Jules, a great French historian, was born at Paris, Aug. 21, 1798. At 23 he became a professor of history in the College Rollin, and in 1838 professor of history at the College of France. His famous History of the Revolution was begun in 1847. He lost his position by refusing to take the oath of allegiance to Napoleon III, and devoted himself entirely to literary work. He published a series of books on Birds, Insects, The Sea, The Mountains, Woman and Love. His great work, The History of France, begun in 1833, was finished in 1867, and brings down the story of France to the Revolution. His History of the Revolution carries it to the close of that period. His history is injured by his prejudices; but the characters stand out clearly, and there are passages almost unequaled in historical writings — as his account of Joan of Arc and of the Templars. He died at Hyères in southern France on Feb. 9, 1874.