The New Student's Reference Work/Philip

Philip, sachem of the Wampanoag tribe of Indians, was the second son of Massasoit (q. v.), who for nearly 30 years had been the stanch ally of the Pilgrim settlers. In 1661 Philip succeeded his elder brother and kept the treaties of his father for several years. But at length, goaded by the encroachments of the whites, he formed a confederation of tribes, amounting to nearly 10,000 warriors, and in 1675 King Philip's War broke out. The Indians surprised and murdered many colonists, but were eventually overcome, and in 1676 Philip himself was captured and slain in Rhode Island. Afterward his body was drawn and quartered and his head was exposed on a gibbet at Plymouth for a number of years. See Entertaining History of King Philip's War and Irving's Sketch-Book.