The New Student's Reference Work/Philip V

Philip V, the first Bourbon king of Spain, was born at Versailles, Dec. 19, 1683, his father being the Dauphin Louis, son of Louis XIV of France. In 1700 the Spanish crown was bequeathed to him by Charles II. He entered in 1701, and after a long struggle with Archduke Charles of Austria was left in possession of his throne by the Peace of Utrecht in 1713. His queen dying next year, Philip soon married Elizabeth Farnese of Parma, the termagant (to use Carlyle's phrase) who for 30 years disturbed the peace of Europe. Her dearest wish was to drive the Hapsburgs out of Italy in the interests of her sons by a former marriage; but all her efforts resulted only in securing the two Sicilies. Spain joined the coalition against Maria Theresa of Austria (q. v.); and Elizabeth's younger son was at first successful in conquering the Milanese; but as soon as the Silesian War was closed by the Peace of Dresden, the Austrian queen sent her troops into Italy and drove out the Spaniards. At this crisis Philip, who had been in mental stupor for years, died at Madrid, July 9 1746.